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Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Dean, College of Biotechnology
Address: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut-250110.
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It was a historic event when the College of Biotechnology was started during 2004 in the premises of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology and was formally inaugurated on April 25, 2005. The establishment of College of Biotechnology nearly 15 years ago is first of its kind in the country and reflects a global outlook with the vision to set a revolutionary pace with the advancement of technology in the area of this frontier science of Biotechnology. It was established after realizing the importance of availability of trained manpower in the area of Biotechnology in the country and pursue the goal of remaining one of the leading center of teaching research and extension in Biotechnology with total commitment to excellence in every endeavor. It also started the tradition of installing in out student with the strength of character, self-confidence and leadership in Biotechnology.

The college of Biotechnology envisages itself as a flagship program of this university par excellence instructional, scholarly, creative services and outreach mission with the following goals. Human Resource Development to produce highly skilled and qualified Graduates and Postgraduates in the niche area of Biotechnology.

Researches on various biotechnological approaches like Recombinant DNA Technology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biofertilizer, Tissue culture, Aerobic Rice, Bioinformatics etc. are in process in orderto train the students and to help in the outreach of technology to farmers.

The college of Biotechnology was planned with eight departments with a total land area of 25000 Sqm. The eight departments are those who covered each and every aspect of Biotechnology.

Academic Programme

The college is running following eight departments:

  1. Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering
  2. Immunology & Defense Mechanism
  3. Pathology & Microbiology
  4. Physiology & Biochemistry
  5. Cell Biology
  6. Finger Printing
  7. Recombination Techniques
  8. Commercial Biotechnology

College of Biotechnology is running following degree Programme

S.No. Programme Year of start Total seats
1. M.Tech (Biotechnology) 2008-09 24
2. B.Tech (Biotechnology) 2004-05 120


  • The college has 17 class rooms with white/green Boards and comfortable seating arrangement. The major class rooms have facilities of Audio Visual teaching and presentation & DVD'S like LCD projection systems enhance the instructional and teaching capabilities. The each department has separate class room, remaining five class rooms are reserve for various demonstration, presentation, seminar and other development activities.
  • College has Multimedia Auditorium.
  • College has different UG & PG laboratories in each department. Besides these college have some additional advance laboratories such as Central Instrumentation Facility, Centre of Excellence in Agri-Biotechnology, Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility, Computer Center and Bio-fertilizer Production Unit.

College Teaching staff status

Department Sanctioned Positions Filled Positions
Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering 01 01 01 01 V 01
Immunology & Defense Mechanism 01 01 01 V 01 01
Pathology & Microbiology 01 01 01 V V 01
Biochemistry & Physiology 01 01 01 01 01 01
Cell Biology 01 01 01 V 01 01
Fingerprinting 01 01 01 V 01 01
Recombination Techniques - - 01 - - 01
Commercial Biotechnology 01 - 01 V - 01
Total Filled Vacant
21 14 7

College Non teaching staff status

S.No. Designation Number
01 Technician 04
02 Lab Assistant 01
03 Office Assistant 01
04 Junior Assistant 01
05 Computer Operator 01
06 Steno 01
07 Total 09

Awards Honours & Recognitions

  1. Dr. Anil Sirohi received Dewang Mehta Educational Leadership Award2018 during 26th Dawang Mehta Business School award programme in Lucknow on 18th September 2018.
  2. Dr. Anil Sirohi received Life Time Achievement Award 2019 by New Age Mobilization Society, New Delhi.
  3. Dr. Rekha Dixit received Excellence in Teaching Award-2019 by Agricultural Technology Development Society (ATDS) Ghaziabad.
  4. Dr. Pankaj Chauhan received National fellow Award by New Age Mobilization Society, New Delhi.
  5. Dr. Sweta Mishra received Young Scientist Award-2018 by the society of Tropical Agriculture, New Delhi.
  6. Dr. Sweta Mishra received Young Scientist Award-2019 by New Age Mobilization Society, New Delhi.
  7. Dr. Neelesh Kapoor received Young Scientist Award 2019 by New Age Mobilization Society, New Delhi.
  8. Dr. Neelesh Kapoor hounoured with Fellow Award 2019 at 3rd International Conference on "Global Initiatives in Agricultural and Applied Sciences for Eco Friendly Environment (GIASE-2019), June 16-18, 2019, by Agricultural Technology Development Society (ATDS), at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  9. Dr. Naresh Pratap Singh was awarded with Young Achiever Award 2019 by Agricultural Technology Development Society (ATDS), at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Projects completed

S.No. Title Duration PI Funding Agency
01 Molecular, biochemical and Morphological characterization of Lentil for yield improvement under limited water conditions. 2009-12 Dr. Pankaj Kumar CST, UP
02 Centre of Excellence in Agri. Biotechnology. 2010-16 Dr. Pankaj Kumar CST, UP
03 Establishment of Biofertizer production unit. 2007-09 Dr. P. K. Rai MoA, GOI
04 Development of aerobic rice using biotechnological tools. 2009-15 Dr. R. Kumar RKVY
05 Functional analysis of three-way interactions among Trichodermaharzianum, Tomato and Fusariumoxysporum f splycopersici using Transcriptomics approach.**In collaboration with COA. 2009-12 Dr. Akash Tomar (Co-PI) DST

Ongoing Project

S.No. Title PI Funding Agency
01 Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility ( 2007-20). Dr. Jitnedra Singh DBT
02 All India Coordinated Research Project on MULLARP (Testing center of Rhizobium in Urdbean) Vol. Centre. Dr. Purushottam ICAR

Projects submitted for funding

S.No. Title PI Funding Agency
01 Genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomic studies to assess the impact of rising temperature on aroma of basmati rice (30 Lakhs). Dr. Sweta Mishra DST-SERB
02 Establishment of an Advanced Centre for DNA Barcoding. (11 Crore). Dr. Sweta Mishra IDP-NAHEP, ICAR
03 Establishment of Meat Quality Control Laboratory (8.9 crores). Dr. Amit Kumar APEDA
04 Establishment of referral analytical laboratory for microbial toxins and environmental pollutants/ toxicants (4.5 crores). Dr. Amit Kumar RKVY


  1. Brainstorming Workshop On “Elevated temperature and its impact on fragrance of basmati rice and strategy for mitigation”, Feb. 2, 2019.
  2. Awareness campaign cum workshop on Role of immunology in societal health. 29th April 2019

Trainings organized

  1. Bioinformatics tools and techniques in agriculture. From: 25-27thMarch, 2019.
  2. Hands on training on conventional, molecular and bioinformatics tools. From: 17thJune to 16 July, 2019.
  3. Isolation and characterization of native nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium solubilising microorganisms. (1-4 Months).
  4. Isolation and characterization of E. coli strains from local food samples. (1-4 Months).

Guest lectures

  1. Topic “Foldscopy: Triggering Scientific Temper among Students” by Dr. Arvind, MIET, Meerut scheduled on February 23, 2019.
  2. Topic “Sydney Brenner: The Nobel Laureate” by DrNareshPratap Singh scheduled on June 12, 2019.
  3. Topic “Scientific revolution for human welfare” by Hounarable Former VC Prof. Gaya Prasad on March 08, 2019.

Contact Details

S.No. Name Designation Contact No. Email Photo
01. Dr. Ravindra Kumar Professor & Dean 09410455496 (M) kumarrk2000@yahoo.com
02. Shri Sharad Singh Chauhan Computer Operator 09411904021 (M) chauhansharadsingh@yahoo.com muser
03. Mr. Santosh Kumar Junior Assistant 09456203790 (M) - muser