Student Welfare

Prof. Anil Sirohi
Dean, Student Welfare
Tel: 0121-2888562
Mobile: 9410275769
Address: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut-250110.


I am happy to extend warm welcome to the Dean Student Welfare wing of The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut. We are committed to and play a pivotal role in the overall development of students through organizing various co-curricular activities like sports, physical health and education, cultural and literary activities, NSS and NCC. This gives us an opportunity to communicate & interact with all students, identify the talented students in the area of music, dance, literature, arts, social responsibility, audio visual, adventure etc. Thereafter, nurture their individual talents, give them an enabling environment to plan and execute various activities in the said areas and thus make a major contribution towards their holistic development. We meticulously work towards showcasing the latent potential of the students which created a treasure trove of talents and resulted in enthusiastic participation of the university in various all India level competitions. We promote physical education, NSS, NCC besides dealing with students misconduct, and other such irregularities for ensuring discipline among the student community on the campus. Along with the extramural activities, we also oversee and supervise the facilities for comfortable stay of students in the campus including such of the amenities like hostels equipped with modern facilities, canteens, University Hospital etc. Further, the well maintained international hostel with high qualities amenities and a proactive foreign students centre attract many students from overseas. Medical facilities for the students are being provided. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel extracurricular societies that are now formed will go a long way to promote all these activities.

Mission: To create an environment that proactively anticipates and meets the diverse students needs, cost effectively and in a timely manner.

Vision: To provide excellent and equitable welfare services to students.

Motto: Friendly, Fair and Firm


The Dean Students Welfare provides ample scope, opportunities and facilities for the all round development of personality and leadership qualities of students. Students participate effectively in the management of hostels, food services, games & sports, cultural and literary activities, professional societies under the guidance of staff counsellor. The office of Dean Students Welfare has following mandate
  • To plan and direct, in co-ordination with University officers and authorities, all non-curricular activities for students including, recreation centres, co-operatives, etc., as may from time to time be approved by the University for welfare of students.
  • To supervise the management of students hostels, messing arrangements.
  • To co-operate with the staff in charge of physical education activities, National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS) and other allied activities.
  • To deal, in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty concerned, with student discipline and other irregularities.
  • To supervise health programmes and medical facilities for students.
  • To make arrangements for scholarships, stipends and other such assistance as may be deemed necessary for welfare of students.
  • To be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor in the exercise of powers and discharge of duties under the Act.
  • Sports & other curricular activities

    The student get ample opportunity to express their creative urge through participation in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities for better personality development, through Inter collegiate and Inter university games/ sports, literature, social and cultural meet besides participation in NCC or NSS programmes.


    Office of the Dean Student Welfare is instrumental in catering the need of regular games and sports activities for the students in all the Colleges. To encourage the students participation in sports, NSS, NCC, Cultural activities, appropriate weightage is being given for the candidates participating in university level competitions as per regulations governing for admissions in the University. Since inception, University has been conducting the Annual Inter-College/ Inter Hostel sports meet and selection trials/coaching camps for the selection of University Teams for participation in All India Inter University Tournaments under the auspices of AIU at different places of the Country every year. A University Contingent of players is also being sent for participation in All India Inter Agricultural University Sports & Games Meet sponsored by the ICAR. Besides supervising the regular sports & games activities of the Colleges, we have created facilities for sports at our campus including the stadium, indoor games and sports equipments and efforts are being made to further strengthen and develop sports infrastructure and facilities with modern sports amenities.

    Cultural Activities

    We also conduct university level Inter-College Cultural Competitions yearly to identify best talents in literary and cultural activities. Winners are sent to the North-Zone Youth Festival, National Youth Festival and Inter-University competitions.

    Celebration of National Festival

    Independence Day, Republic Day etc. are celebrated in a befitting manner. Similarly, our NSS volunteers have been participating in National Integration camps, pre-republic day camps, NSS national and state level youth festivals besides the regular activities and special camps.

    Outdoor sports facilities

  • 1. A Play ground with 400 mtrs. Standard Track.
  • 2. Football Field (in 400 Mtrs. Track).
  • 3. Hockey Field (-do- ).
  • 4. Playground 2 Nos. (small)
  • 5. Volley-Ball Courts 4 Nos. in hostels
  • 6. Volley Court 2 Nos. (In 400 mtr. Track.)
  • 7. Badminton Court (cemented) 5 Nos. in hostels.
  • 8. Basket Ball Courts 1 No.
  • 9. Cricket Pitch in 400 Mtrs. Track.
  • 10. Kabbadi Ground 1 No.

  • Indoor Sports facilities

  • 1. Badminton court - 1
  • 2. Table Tennis hall - 1
  • 3. Well equipped Gymnasium - 1

  • Travel Facilities:

    To facilitate, travelling by students going to their homes during the semester break and to undertake study tours in different parts of India, railway concession orders are arranged for them.

    National Cadet Core (NCC):

    The NCC programme is available for all the students of all the Under-graduate programmes. Every male student is required to undergo NCC training during first two years of a Bachelor’s Degree Programme . To implement this programme a NCC Officer is appointed by the NCC authority from amongst the faculty members. The NCC cadets are imparted coaching to appear/pass the NCC “BEE” & “CEE” Certificates which help them in getting commission in armed forces. Our NCC cadets are actively involved in the programmes such as Environment conservation, Literacy, AIDS Awareness, Blood Donation, rescue operation during natural calamities. The NCC cadets are imparted coaching to quality NCC “BEE” and NCC “CEE” Certificate examination conducted by the NCC authority which help them to qualify Combined Defence Services Examinations.

    National Service Scheme (NSS):

    The aim of this programme is to make students aware of the social responsibility and service for the nation in crisis. A NSS Unit is functioning in the University under a NSS Programme Officer. Regular Camps and Special NSS camps are organized by NSS Unit, organizing different educational, social, developmental, community service programs at Campus and villages. The special training program on different social problems are also organized by the unit as per the directives of the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India and the NSS Regional Centre from time to time. Besides regular activities of cleanliness, shramdan, tree plantation in the campus, the unit is also engaged in social and community works in their adopted villages. The NSS Volunteers are also successfully participating in different training programs and National Integration Camps, etc. in other Universities with excellent performance.

    Financial Assistance to students

    The university has been awarding merit, general, free studentship and student aid fund to the eligible students every year, enable students to get EBL charges and the students belonging to SC/ST and other backward categories will get the financial benefits as per the government orders and provisions.
    Further, the scholarships from outside agencies like Social Welfare Department, Mandi Samiti, UGC,ICAR / ASPEE / Jindal are also being utilized by the students. A couple of our post graduate students got Inspire awards, ICAR junior fellowships.
    University has 14 hostels including 2 for female students and one International hostel. They offer comfortable and fully secured accommodation to students. An academic staff member works as Warden of each hostel. There are common rooms, dining halls with a Coloured T.V. with cable facility etc. for their entertainment. The newspapers and magazines are provided in hostels, medical facilities are also provided to all hostel in-mates in University Hospital and Modi Hospital, Modipuram. The Hostel Mess is equipped with refrigerator, water cooler and utensils in adequate quantity. Each hostel mess is run and managed by the students on cooperative basis. During summer vacations annual repairs and white washing is done for the benefit of the students. The students residing in the hostel are to abide by hostel and mess regulations/rules. During tournaments and competitions, the students are expected to be in the proper kit.

    Name of Hostel
    Mobile No.
    Tagore Bhawan (UG Boys) Dr. DK Singh  
    Nehru Bhawan (PG Boys) Er. Jaiveer Singh  
    Subhash Bhawan (UG Boys) Dr. S.S. Tomar  
    C V Raman Hostel (UG Boys) Dr. Devesh Yadav  
    Type 1 A Block (UG Boys) Dr. S.P. Singh  
    Type 1 B Block (UG Boys) Dr. Nilesh Chauhan  
    Type 1 C Block (UG Boys) Dr. U.P. Shahi  
    Patel Bhawan (PhD Boys) Dr. D.K Singh  
    APJ Kalam Bhawan (PG Boys) Dr Atul Gupta  
    Gandhi Bhawan (UG Boys) Dr. M. K. Yadav  
    HGK Hostel (PhD Boys) Dr. Yogesh Kataria  
    Sarojani Bhawan (UG & PG Girls) Dr. Vaishali  
    Shaheed Bhagat Singh Hostel (UG & PG Girls) Dr. Jinu Manoj  
    International Students Hostel Er. Jaiveer Singh  

    Student’s Discipline

    A student is expected to reflect under all the circumstances proper respect for order, morality and rights of others and such sense of personal honour as demanded of a good citizen. The University reserves the right to drop any student whose conduct is deemed improper or prejudicial to the good order and interest of the University. The serious cases of indiscipline are referred to the University Disciplinary Committee. The overall discipline at the present juncture is encouragingly good.

    Medical and Health Services

    The University hospital under the supervision of a part time Medical Officer In-charge is located inside the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut campus in a picturesque locality surrounded by green trees all around. Its primary role is to provide rapid definitive assessment, investigation and treatment for the emergency patients. Following treatment on the University hospital, patients requiring further inpatient specialist care may be referred to the care of an appropriate hospital. The University hospital, serves the Employees, Students, Workers of the University and their families. It is fully equipped with emergency medical treatment facilities and has Part time Doctors work alongside the other Paramedical Staffs to provide care to patients in the unit. At present the hospital has one ambulance, an operation theatre and indoor ward comprising 8 beds for male and female patients. There are separate ward for Male and female student. All the serious cases are referred to Modi Hospital, Modipuram or nearest Government / Private Hospital by special arrangement.

    Ambulance Services

    Under the welfare scheme of the University, University hospital provide 24 hour ambulance service for the students and employees of the University. The ambulance is fully equipped and is capable of beginning emergency care at the site of incident and through the journey to a hospital.

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